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New cameras a hit

We have recently started a new leopard research program with our friends at Nzumba Lodge within the Klaserie Game Reserve.
Nzumba has proved to be a big hit with our safari guests and features in most of our South African packages in 2018.
In the first few days of operating camera traps in the reserve we had some great results, from Elephant to Lion, Leopard and Hyena.
November will be the first full month of operation, so we are hopeful of some great results.
You can be there in 2018 www.ontracksafaris.com


Our new Platinum Collection

We are proud to announce our new deluxe range of safari accommodation.
Our Platinum Collection offers a range of prestige safari locations, created for discerning travellers who expect the highest level of service and attention to detail. Above all Platinum is about bespoke safari experiences and tailor-made moments that speak to who you are and how you like to travel.
Select from our list of preferred Platinum Collection lodges and we will create a personalised deluxe safari for you. We include all in-country travel and can also provide international flights.
When travelling within South Africa you can opt to use private executive flights directly into each game reserve, or fly into regional airports, where you will be met by a member of our team and transferred to your safari lodges.


Whales and Wine

Our five day whales and wine package can be taken as an ‘add-on’ to any of our South African safaris, or as a separate stand alone tour.
You will join a memorable 2hr Big 5 Sea Safari.  Our goal is to target Walker Bays Big 5, Whales, Dolphin, Seals, Penguin and Marine Birds.
You will be transferred from your hotel to the harbor of Gansbaai and where you will set course and head out into the middle of the bay in search of our Big 5.
On your journey our crew will educate you on all aspects of Marine life, with a qualifying Marine Biologist and a Skipper with over 15yrs experience there is a wealth of knowledge for you to tap.  
While no two trips are ever the same, from years of experience we have come to expect sighting of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and an array of coastal marine fish and birds.
Although sightings of the Southern Right Whales have decreased in the past two years, we are seeing even more Brydes and Humpback Whales than ever before.  Dolphin sightings are awe-inspiring and include the ever mischievous Bottlenose Dolphins, the spirited Common Dolphins as well as endangered Humpbacked Dolphins.  The Cape Fur Seal population is ever increasing and you are very likely to see these and perhaps even a Great White shark.
You can also enjoy a wine tasting trip exploring world-class wineries at your own pace. Hop aboard a unique HOP-ON HOP-OFF safari-style vehicle and discover the boutique wineries of the stunning Hemel & Aarde Valley in a truly unforgettable way.
A fleet of these vehicles offers a distinctively South African experience, allowing you to take in the breath-taking beauty and ‘champagne air’ of this picturesque valley while exploring the world-class wineries at your own pace

Pantanal 2018

We're including some amazing Jaguar safaris in Brazils Pantanal in 2018. The first ten day safari starts on the 20th of June. Contact Carol for more details.


Djuma - another successful visit for WE viewers. Read more to be there in 2018

September Djuma safari
Once again our Djuma safari has been a great success, with some amazing sightings ranging from five different leopards, to many Lions, Wild-dogs, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhino, Hyena, even leopard with a Honey Badger it has killed. The list goes on.
Meeting the SafariLive team outside FC
 Of-course one of the highlights was a visit to the SafariLive facilities to meet the crew.
Checking out the broadcast vehicles
Seeing the start of the show from inside FC rather than being on the other-side of the world is a very special experience.
FC visit
I had to add this Elephants picture, what a wonderful sighting.
A nice Element on game drive
And for me, I was back behind the bar at Vuatela!
Yours truly behind the bar at Vuyatela
We will have more Djuma safaris available in 2018, including a twin location safari that takes in both Maasai Mara and Djuma. Subscribe to our newsletter to be first for updates on these special safaris.
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nZumba lodge within the Klaserie game reserve is very popular with our safari guests. Not only because of the luxurious accommodation and spectacular food. But of-course the amazing wildlife experiences, even when resting during the day!

Birding? Of-course we do!

We're often asked if we cater for birders on safari?
 Of-course we do.
 Birding is an integral part of any safari.
Especially with www.ontracksafaris.com

Excellent Excellence

Game drives leave our safari base (Rukiya Safari Camp) each morning, travelling through the Wild Rivers Nature Reserve into the neighbouring big five Excellence concession (part of the Kruger Park system).
On Track Safari guests have enjoyed some magical mornings in Excellence, stopping for breakfast in the bush and seeing some amazing wildlife.
Join us on safari www.ontracksafaris.com

Special offer - Masai Mara migration safari 2018

Hot off the press, we are now able to offer an amazing safari in the Masai Mara Triangle, witnessing one of the most iconic wildlife events on the planet.
The Wildebeest Migration, is one of the ‘Seven New Wonders of the World’. No where in the world is there a movement of animals as immense as the wildebeest migration, over two million animals migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya during July through to October.
The migration has to cross the Mara River in the Maasai Mara, which is where we have based our Mara safaris.
The principle players are the wildebeest, whose numbers appear to have settled at just under 1.7 million, with supporting roles from some 400,000 Thomson’s gazelle, 300,000 zebra and 12,000 eland. These are the main migrators and they cross the ranges of over a quarter of a million other resident herbivores and, of course, carnivores. The lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and lesser predators await the annual coming of the migration with eager anticipation.
Availability for our migration safaris is limited and early booking is necessary to get the best seats at this amazing event. If you would like more information then email Carol today


When the adults return from the hunt.

We've had some great success is finding Wilddogs during safaris this year. Spending time watching their behaviour especially with pups denning. It's interesting to see the submissive behaviour from pups (as seen above), when the adults return from the hunt.