UK Safaris
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A UK wildlife safari for those who would like to discover more about the the beautiful Dorset countryside. Will and Carol’s involvement with Dorset’s woodland and wildlife spans thirty years, during which time they developed a network of local wildlife specialist guides who can unlock the often secret lives of the forest animals and birds.
On Track Safaris has exclusive access to private woodland, which offers our guests amazing wildlife experiences.
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Our UK wildlife safaris are based in Dorset near the picturesque market town of Wareham. Where we have access to some of the most stunning and bio-diverse habitats in the UK including some of our most special National Nature Reserves the 'Jewels in the Crown' of UK Wildlife Sites. The mosaic of woodland and lowland heathland (a rarer habitat than rainforest) gives the Isle of Purbeck the title of being the most bio-diverse area of the UK.


Your guide will be Mark Warn who has been working as a Wildlife Ranger for thirty years and as Mark says “I still have an absolute and unconditional passion for my vocation. Dorset is one of the most magical and diverse areas of the UK and continues to deliver the magical experiences that I have been so lucky to observe throughout my career. Sharing these special moments with others gives me one of the biggest buzzes in my day to day working life, and my years of experience within the area enable us to target the wonderful species that inhabit this special place”.

We run our UK safaris from spring to Autumn, with each month bringing its own special events in nature.
Spring (April/May/June) Deer viewing is ever popular with our guests, but later in May/June there will be the chance of seeing newly borns. Spring is also good time for emerging reptiles particularly the chance to see the 'Big Six', all GB reptiles.
Birdlife is great with options for seeing/hearing the three key heathland birds....Woodlark, Dartford Warbler and Nightjar.
Also Badger watching is another ver popular possibility.
Summer (June/July/August) Continuing great deer viewing chances, particularly wonderful early am outings before the rest of the country wake up! Better chances to see young at foot out and about with Mum.....and of course the Roe deer Rut at the end of July and beginning of August, when calling the excited bucks to come to us, offers another amazing experience. This is also a really special time fo year to enjoy Nightjar/Bat evenings experiences.
Autumn (September/October) The principal target will be viewing opportunities for the Sika Rut, hopefully seeing the dramatic clashes as stags face off against each other.
Viewing of late reptiles and the abundant birdlife makes Autumn a magical time.

Weekend itinerary
Day 1: Friday PM
Our local guide will meet you at your accommodation to brief you about your weekends activities and the local habitat and associated wildlife conservation projects.
Day 2: Saturday
Today you will be able to enjoy a dawn (and later) dusk nature walk in private forests, accompanied by your guide. Each walk will be approximately two hours, of easy walking and stalking in the forest. Your guide will stop frequently to let you know more about the flora and fauna, tracks of animals and their behaviour, as you search for the forests abundant wildlife species. As with any safari, no two nature walks are the same, different conditions apply at dawn and dusk which affect animals behaviour, but rest assured that you are in the hands of very experienced guides who know every nook and crook of the forest and aim to find you as many animals to watch as possible.
You are likely to see Sika Deer, Roe Deer, Foxes, Badgers, smaller mammals and a multitude of seasonal birdlife.
During the middle of the day you have free time to visit the numerous visitor attractions in the area, perhaps enjoy a country pub lunch, or visit to a farmers market.
Day 3: Sunday AM
On your final morning, you can once again enjoy a two hour guided nature walk at dawn as the sun rises over the forest. A truly magical time to be in the forest away from the hustle and bustle of normal life.